English Education in the Tisza-parti Elementary School

Tisza- parti is a very high level school. This is true of English education as well.
We started learning English in the fourth grade. We got a good teacher so we could learn the principles in no time. The group practised and practised a lot so we had better and better success. We have had some teacher changes since then. In my opinion, every teacher has their own method and in my school, every teacher wants the best for the children.
When we started learning English at school we just played English games like „King of Words” and sang English songs like Incy-Wincy Spider. Since then, we have started learning English seriously.
Now, students can start learning this foreign language in the first grade. It isn’t obligatory, but it gives a lot of knowledge to young children through games and rhymes. English becomes compulsory when the learners reach the fourth grade. In the first year they learn it three times a week.
Tisza-parti gives a lot of possibilities to compare our knowledge with other Tisza-parti students and with students of other schools. Our English teachers organize a lot of English competitions, where we can get good marks.


English Lessons in Tisza-parti

My class only started learning English in 4th grade, but the school has recently changed this and now kids have English lessons from 1st grade. I think it’s nice that they will be more familiar with English from a young age because it’s really useful if you understand a language so widely known and used as English.
On lessons, we learn things that we would need the most if we went to an English-speaking country. From 7th grade, the class gets seperated in groups based on our skills. In the 1st group we learn the curriculum faster while the 2nd group takes it slow and practices more.
We often get tasks that involve us talking to each other and making pairs or groups – this helps us express ourselves. We often listen to dialouges, then repeat them ourselves. Our teacher prefers us talking only in English in class. We always take notes in our exercise books. We have a final test after finishing a chapter/topic and we frequently have smaller tests to check our grammar and vocabulary. Sometimes we have to do projects in PowerPoint or Word.
We learn about the English culture as well – social customs, well-known attractions, households and school system. But sometimes our topic is another place, event or thing. We’ve read about Australia, India, Canada, computers, television, movie genres, The Oscars and even UFOs.
Our teacher is really nice. She explains things well, always helps us when we ask her and she supports us. I like English lessons in this school because the mood is usually good and the topics are sometimes interesting. I hope things won’t change and we will be able to work as a group in the future too.