In 2018-2019 we tried eTwinning


Here’s the description of the project:

eTwinners Adventures in Comics

This is a project with 3 participant groups. A class of 13-14 year old students from Poland, one from the Czech Republic and one from Hungary. The aim of the project for each group of students is to make a comic book about the adventures of another group based on the instructions they get from that particular group. Each group will interact with two other ones. They will make a comic of one and instruct another group to make a comic about them. They will have to find out about the scene, the characters (looks and personality) and the story for the comic they make. Also, they will have to answer questions to help another group make a comic about their own story. They must not send each other photos. The challenge lies in giving the best instructions to help the comic made by strangers look realistic. Groups can use whatever tools they have to make the comics. They will communicate on Twinspace. We aim to start the project in November 2018 and finish it by May 2019.

The Comics can be viewed here:


For our efforts, we earned an eTwinning Quality Label!

We have even been licenced by the Educational Authority of Hungary to proudly call ourselves an „eTwinning Partnerschool”.