Events in Tisza-parti

There are a lot of annual events at Tisza-parti where students can show what they are able to do outside the classroom. Here are four of them for you to get the gist of it.
The first very important programme for our class was in March. It was the celebration of the revolution of 15th March, 1848. The 7th grade did the performance. It was so beautiful. The teachers were crying. First we performed it for the elementary schoolers and then in front of the middle schoolers.
The second big programme was the school fancy dress party. Early in the afternoon, the elementary schoolers had a fancy dress party of their own in their classrooms. Later in the afternoon, they went home and came the middle schoolers. They had their party in the little gym. There was a fitness dance lesson as a warm-up for the children. Then, each class performed their show of a Hungarian folk tale in a given style. Our class made a FILM! In the end of the programme we had a raffle and a dance.
The third programme of interest was the annual health-day. In teams, we collected interesting information about healthy body and soul. There were about 4-5 children in the dining-room from each class. They got fruits and vegetables and they had to make statues from them. It was a great day.
The last and best event was the 7th graders’ trip to Transylvania. It was so great, we saw a lot of hills and streams. We went to a lot of temples and we left a wreath at memorial places in honour of the historic events they commemorate. At the Lake of St. Anna, we saw a bear too! His name is Sanyi. It was a very good trip, we learnt a lot about old Hungarian customs.