The Rules of Tisza-parti

In Tisza-parti, the most important rules are very simple; arrive no later than 7:50, turn off your phone, leave the corridors and go on the school yard in breaks, and most importantly, be respectful. However, the students tend to break them every day.

Every day, around 10 students are on duty to watch over the corridors and halls in the breaks. They have to tell off anyone who shouldn’t be there at the moment and help who wants to talk with a teacher.

We used to have to arrive before 7:45, but it was changed to 7:50 because everyone was always late. But actually, nothing will happen if you’re late; the students on duty were supposed to give you a warning and write down your name, and then if you collect 3 strikes, you get punishment. But nobody cares about these strikes anymore, the teachers will only get mad if you’re late to their class.

Like in every school, our phones have to be turned off at all time, but most students just mute them. They use them in the toilet in breaks, in the dressing rooms, on the yard and in the classroom before classes. Using it in the classroom has a risk though, because if a teacher notices you, they will take away your phone and only your parent can receive it. But other than that, this rule isn’t really taken seriously either.

However, it is really important to talk to your teachers with respect and be nice to them, so they will be nice to you, too. But I think most teachers in this school are kind and not too hard to get along with.

You don’t only need to be respectful to your teachers, but your classmates too; because if we can’t hold a community together with kindness, then what else can we do it with?