Sports in Tisza-parti

In Tisza-parti the sports are very important. P.E. teachers offer sports work-outs after school.
Auntie Kati holds volleyball trainings in the school gym. At the training we don’t just play volleyball. The team plays several ball games like “döbli”. First we do a short warm up. After the warm up we take up the volleyball net. At the end of the training, we play a big match and after it we put the balls and the net away.
We can learn basketball with Auntie Nóra. These trainings are after the lessons, too. She gives a lot of balls that we can do warm-up with. We do basketball shooting drills.

In 3rd grade we went to the squash club to learn to handle the rackets and balls. The trainers divided the class into two (girls and boys). Girls spent half of the training playing “méta” and boys played badminton. At half-time, we changed.
Our school has a lot of good sport results. Tisza-parti is a “waterpolo” school, we have got some good waterpolo players. Also, we have some great runners. Once a year some students go to the field-running race and often get the gold or the silver or the bronze medals in teamwork or individual events. We’ve got some students who enter international competitions, too.